What’s a Vin Social?

A Vin Social is a celebration of the undiscovered. A unique social gathering where people come together for a taste of an insiders-only world of small craft-wine, spirits, food, and culture. At the heart of every Vin Social is the story of a hands-on Artisan or Maker; people who have taken risks and built something real.
Who’s invited? Why, everyone! With our knowledgeable experts guiding the experience, every Vin Social is tailored for its unique audience and delivered with excellence and finesse. Regardless of the occasion, you and your guests will enjoy shared moments of discovery that will deepen your relationships, foster bonds of respect and friendship, and plant the seed for a shared future filled with possibility.

And to that, we raise our glasses!

Leadership Team


Founder & ceo

Sara created Vin Social drawing from her decade of creative experience in the fashion industry married with her vast experience in the wine business. Her meticulous approach to curation combines seasonal trend-spotting with a purpose-driven compass to create sensory experiences designed to bring the human stories behind the bottles to life. Sara is designing the future of wine to be more diverse, inclusive, and fun.

Chuck Bubbles

head of partnerships & programming

Meet Chuck Bubbles, the ultimate, modern bon vivant. Known for his wild parties, Chuck is always the life of the party, popping Champagne bottles and entertaining guests with his wit and charm.  But Chuck isn’t just a party animal, he’s a true innovator and connector in the business world. So let’s raise a glass to the man who brings a little bit of sparkle (and humor) to the otherwise seriousness of business.

Lesile Barnes

Director of Procurement

As a former bar manager and buyer for multiple chef-driven restaurants, Leslie knows a thing or two about how to build relationships with the trade and ensure our access to the good stuff. Leslie manages our network of suppliers, brands, and fulfillment partners to ensure our guests and customers always have access to the best quality products and receive them accurately and timely.