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Avondale "Qvevri" Red Blend 2019

single barrel straight bourbon whiskey

Each barrel is evaluated and hand-selected for its elegance and personality before bottling, as no two casks are exactly the same. Each barrel yields approximately 280 bottles. The cask number, proof and alcohol by volume is hand-written on each label. This year’s lot comes from Tennessee and has already won numerous double gold medals in international competitions.
The Milam & Greene “Simple Serve”
You can enhance the perfect pour of Milam & Greene by influencing the aromatics that can be found within the whiskey. After you pour yourself a glass, simply zest or squeeze a grapefruit peel into the glass, then drop it in. You can then play with water and/or ice to personalize the whiskey to your palate and enjoy your “Simple Serve.”
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alan laws


There are No Shortcuts at Laws. That is their motto. They always have and always will distill every drop they bottle. While their whiskey aged, Alan didn’t sell any whiskey for the first three years. Time is as critical of an ingredient as the heirloom grains used in every batch. Every mash bill gets its own optimal distillation process, and they deploy time-intensive sour mash fermentation. Laws is the first Colorado distiller to bottle bonded whiskeys. For them, these steps are not extra, they’re mandatory to create Laws Whiskey.

At Laws, no person has the title ‘Master Distiller.’ They believe it takes the talents, smarts, quirks and obsessive passion of every Laws co-worker, aka The Village, to make their whiskey. In the Laws Village, you are part of something so much greater than self.

The soulful, rich flavors of the no-compromise whiskey begin with the use of only heirloom and heritage grains. Modern agricultural has no interest in these low-yield, finicky grains, yet they could not create the singular profile of each Laws Whiskey without them. Laws is dependent on the two family-owned farms – the Cody’s in the San Luis Valley and the Ohnmacht’s out on Colorado’s eastern plains – willing to cultivate these specialized grains for us.

mango mexican chili vanilla margarita



Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled halfway with ice. Shake well and strain into glass.


Margarita glass or rocks glass.


Lime slice or wedge. Rim with chili salt, if preferred.

meet melly barajas cardenas


Carmen Lucia Barajas Cárdenas or “Melly” to her friends is one of the leading ladies in the tequila industry. She always knew she wanted to be a tequila boss. After years of apprenticeship in the male dominated Tequila Industry, she purchased land in the highlands of Jalisco called Valle de Guadalupe and constructed her own distillery, Vinos y Licores Azteca (NOM 1533). She commited to hire only women from the rural area and to teach them all she knew, from operating fermentation tanks to bottling and more. She also established a learning center and living quarters at the distillery for her all female staff.

When asked if she was changing the tequila industry she said she is not sure she has changed anything in the industry. but they’ve changed the lives of many women in the town where the distillery is located in Valle de Guadalupe, Jalisco. “Besides teaching them how to make very good tequila, we’ve taught them that because we’re women, we are limited by NOTHING.”

Some call it a “session tequila”. Very vegetal, without the overt sweetness, oakiness or caramel that is often associated with highland reposado. You will not find a rounder finish in the reposado world. The distinct bottle is handmade from 100% recycled glass from Coca-Cola bottles in the Guadalajara neighborhood of Tonalá.