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Winemakers & Founders

In 2009 we both had winery jobs elsewhere, me at Scholium Project and Jack at Matthiasson, but we decided to try our hand at making 1 ton of Albariño. We had just met and this was like dating for us in some regards. We looked for inexpensive organic fruit and that led us to obscure grape varieties and obscure small vineyards outside of Napa. At a certain point, we had more wine than we could pawn off on our friends and family so we started selling our wine to distributors out of state. Starting out small and making our own wine has been the most educational experience of our careers. When you are broke and spending every extra cent you have to buy fruit, you are going to make sure it makes it into bottle and tastes great on the other end. Each year we add one or two more wines and all profits go back into the brand, it’s a labor of love.


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