meet tinashe nyamudoka
of kumusha wines


Founder, Proprietor

We are one of only a handful of Chilean vineyards leveraging artisan winemaking and organic farming to uncover the potential of coastal Chile. Winemakers Amael Orrego and Napa-based Byron Kosuge lead our Chilean-American winemaking team. Byron brings 30 years of experience with exceptional California vineyards, including Hirsch & Pisoni. I can speak for the rest of us that “the farm” is the cornerstone of our family. While we are spread out throughout the globe, the farm is where we still gather, work, and laugh. It is where we can make a difference. It wasn’t the get-rich-quick gold mine Gramps originally sought, but through winemaking we’ve found a way to share the essence of this special place in a lasting way with our community and with the world.


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