Virtual Tequila Mixology Class

45 or 60 min

10-500 people

Virtual Event

Kit Sold Separately

About the event

Host a fun & interactive tequila mixology experience led by a Master Mixologist. We will introduce your guests to the story behind a premium craft tequila brand, while teaching them pro tips for making the perfect margarita. Your guests will learn step-by-step how to make two variations on a tequila cocktails utilizing reposado tequila and artisan mixology mixes. Guests will leave the class more confident in the fundamentals of mixology and be able to answer that age old question – “shaken or stirred?”

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Frequently Asked Questions

We ship to 36 states within North America (MT, WY, UT, SD, MN, IA, KS, AR, TN, AL, WV, ME, VT, MA).  We cannot ship internationally at this time. We offer a non-alcoholic option that we can send anywhere within the United States or recommend clients send those who we cannot ship to a gift card to purchase something similar locally.

We do not offer a menu to select from. Working with small-batch producers, we manage their available inventory along with the maker’s schedule and match the best fit for your event. If you have a preference, we are happy to do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee a specific winery or spirit brand.